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Our Team

With our combined 50-plus years in the business, the ALTIUS team uses its expertise to maintain a solid track record, and help clients map out their financial future. We have a deep understanding of the markets and the economy, and often share this knowledge with our clients. Through workshops, podcasts, newsletters, and social media, we educate clients so they can grasp economic concepts. We help them make informed, fact-based, critical decisions with their financial planning and investing.

Client Centered

ALTIUS also takes pride in our personalized approach to each client. We develop strong, lasting relationships, and care about what matters in our clients’ lives. We value their life goals, priorities, passions, time, and decisions. We want to ensure their finances align with -- and accomplish -- their short, medium, and long-term goals.

At ALTIUS, clients know, trust, and can relate to the team who is managing their money. They know who will answer the phone, who will complete their transaction, and they know their advisor will respond directly to them.