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We love engaging with our clients about finance and market outlooks. Below, you can find our bi-weekly podcast and workshop videos where we discuss these topics to increase financial education.

Our Finance Podcast: Capitalize Your Fridays

Our Finance Podcast: Capitalize Your Fridays

Every other Friday Michael Williams & Taylor McGowen share financial insight as two Certified Financial Planners (CFP)™ with different generational perspectives and occasionally a guest speaker. Provided to you by ALTIUS Financial Inc.

Our Videos

ALTIUS 2022 Mid-Term Election Panel

This year's mid-term election is an important indicator of where we are at in our economy and as a society, so ALTIUS tied in Michael Williams' Capital Markets Outlook and hosted a Mid-Term Election Panel with Anders Ingemarson, Laura Carno, and Ted Trimpa. This esteemed panel represented various political views and discussed specific ballot decisions in the 2022 Mid-Term Election and their implications in voting one way or another.

ALTIUS 2020 Election Discussion - Left vs Right?

Every election we hear, “this is the most important election of our lifetime” – who knows but American and Colorado are witnessing some trying times that will affect how you, your family and communities live well into the future.  ALTIUS Financial hosted an expert panel who represent a diversity of political views to evaluate ballot issues, candidates, the culture, and economic impacts.  Ted Trimpa from the Trimpa Group and Michael Fields, Executive Director of Colorado Rising Action provided their unique insight. 

2020 Election Impact on Capital Markets

How will the upcoming November elections affect the economy, the investment markets and your portfolio?  Michael Williams, CFP and founder of ALTIUS Financial recently provided his perspective on the risks and opportunities.  Co-hosted by Taylor McGowen, CFP.

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