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Our Clients

Over the years we have found that successful people appreciate being referred to a financial advisor that "fits" who they are. Because our first priority is to provide excellent value to our current clients, we limit the number of new clients we take on each year. The following is a representation of many of our current clients and while new referrals don't necessarily possess all of these characteristics, it does help to start with a good fit.

Retired Couples and Pre-Retirees:
Many of our clients are successful and respected professionals who worked for a major company or organization for more than 20 years, and are soon to be (or are already) retired. They are outgoing, friendly, helpful, open-minded and influential in their community. They place a high premium on their time – they prefer to delegate investment management. Many are 55 years or older and have a Risk Tolerance in the Moderate Conservative to Moderate Growth range.

Professionals & Small Business Owners:
In the same business or profession (typically in the telecommunications or educational fields) for 10 or more years and/or owns an established, successful, closely held corporation. They are serious about their financial success and highly respected in the community. They prefer to delegate their investment management and place a high premium on their time and energy.

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