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Welcome To Our Videos and Podcasts

Welcome To Our Videos and Podcasts

On this page ALTIUIS Financial will be adding our own videos and podcasts on a variety of important topics.

We welcome your feedback.

<p>Four Really Good Reasons to Invest</p>

Four Really Good Reasons to Invest

There are four very good reasons to start investing. Do you know what they are?
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Your capital – financial, intellectual, physical, emotional, social resources –
all you use for creative and productive purpose…
what you use to live your life.

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<p>Inflation & Your Money</p>

Inflation & Your Money

It's important to understand how inflation is reported and how it can affect investments.
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<p>The Five Basics of Financial Literacy</p>

The Five Basics of Financial Literacy

How literate are you when it comes to your finances? Brush up with these five basics.
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<p>The Basics of Medicare</p>

The Basics of Medicare

Learn all about Medicare basics in this informative and insightful article.
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