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Our Philosophy

ALTIUS' financial planning philosophy is comprehensive, long-term, and time-tested. We don’t rely on cookie-cutter portfolios; we look at our clients' whole financial picture. We look at the connections of life goals to financial decisions. This perspective helps us customize our investment strategies to find the best fit for each client. 

We have a strongly held set of beliefs and values that guide our business: from the advice we provide, to how we treat people, to how we allocate capital, to how we build financial plans:

First, we believe that financial planning for long-term, financial security is important work because almost every money decision that our clients make can have an impact on the quality of their lives. So we start with a full understanding of your goals and priorities. Learning from history – either on a personal basis with the context of our client’s individual situation, or from that of the economy and markets is crucial to our unique planning program, My Empowered Future ™.

Second, we use an objective approach. This does not mean ignoring emotions, but using them properly – to tell us to investigate further or help us celebrate success. We help our clients make informed, fact-based decisions with their planning and investing.

Third, we take our own advice. We use goal setting and planning tools for ALTIUS and in our personal lives and we own substantially similar portfolios to that of our clients (depending on risk tolerance and stage of life).

Lastly, we are in this for the long haul. We have decades of combined experience in this industry and know, first-hand, the power of long-term planning. Our culture has made it so appealing to act impulsively and to think there are shortcuts, but we know the most effective approach to building or preserving anything of value, especially financial security, is to learn and implement timeless principles.

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