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Why the name ALTIUS?

Lots of people ask me where the name, ALTIUS Financial, came from. It came from the Greeks. Altius is their word for altitude or “higher”, as in the motto of the Olympic Games: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” or faster, higher, stronger.  In Latin, the word Altius means something more like “deeper”. So, it’s interesting that it covers both going higher and going deeper. For me, it’s both inspirational and aspirational. I wanted my investment advisory firm to embody higher standards in service, professionalism, and performance. 

You may be wondering: What’s so important about the Greeks, and what does that have to do with my money? Well, along with being passionate about finance, investing, and business, I’m a student of philosophy, especially the wisdom of the ancients. There’s an important connection between the ideas of Athens and our American ideals. Of course, the Greeks had lots of things wrong, and America itself has made many mistakes. However, the Founders had it right in recognizing and protecting individual rights. 

Freedom of the individual to pursue their own happiness — paired with the rule of law — makes for justice, learning, self-correction, innovation, value creation, and mutual trade (markets). These are the foundations for a free society, and it so happens that they are also the foundation for financial prosperity as well.  

ALTIUS’ financial planning philosophy is comprehensive, long-term, and time-tested. We look at, and strengthen, the connections between our clients’ life goals and their financial decisions. This perspective of being both granular and elevated allows us to customize our strategies for success.

We build, defend, and grow our clients’ capital so they can flourish. ALTIUS stands for that.

Michael Williams

Founder of ALTIUS Financial Inc.