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Our Investment Strategy

ALTIUS offers a full range of investment strategies geared to risk tolerance, stage of life and goals, desire for involvement, asset level, and investment experience. Here's how we invest clients' money:

We start with clients’ Goals and Timeframes:
- U
sing our value/goal framework and discovery process, we to get to know clients’ priorities
- Then we use a risk tolerance analysis to define how aggressive clients want and need to be
- Finally, we write a personalized investment policy with clients’ parameters to guide strategy

 We use an Objective Approach:
- Realizing no one knows the future, we must deal with the facts before us and learn from history
- Successful investing is, in large part, understanding the math: including crucial time-value concepts, rate of return calculations, compounding, fundamental and technical analysis
- Integrating caution about unknown risks and confidence about what we do know, allows us to remain unbiased

 We perform Extensive Research:
- Leveraging custodian resources through regular market commentary and analysis
- Morningstar Analysis & Y-Charts – premier databases for security research
- Annual, semiannual reports and company financial statements
- Validation with external databases and visits with fund companies and portfolio managers

We use ALTIUS Capital Filter™ to screen for:
- Organizational culture and alignment
- Shareholder focus, accountability, and cost control
- Risk exposure including diversification, tax efficiency, etc

The ALTIUS Approach Compared:

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