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2022 ALTIUS Terminology Tuesdays

We hope you enjoyed last year’s 53 Week Challenge, this year we invite you to follow along on our social platforms for new finance terminology and phrases every week on Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday this year we are selecting a finance term or phrase to define and post on our social platforms. We want to help our clients and others have clarity around different terms so they can better understand their investment portfolio and overall financial plan. Below is a list of terms we've already shared this year:

  1. Delayed Gratification 1/4
  2. Finance 1/11
  3. RIA 1/18
  4. Modern Monetary Theory 1/25
Define these Terms

2021 ALTIUS Financial 53 Week Challenge

In 2021, we challenged you to 53 weeks of financial growth! 52 weeks—PLUS a bonus week since New Year’s fell on a Friday and we checked in each Monday. We created this challenge because we find many people end the year thinking “did I miss something key in my financial planning...?”

This 53-week challenge was our way of helping you stay on track for reaching your financial goals, improving your situation, and fitting pieces to the financial puzzle that maybe you hadn’t considered.

We encourage you to take the challenge again if you missed it in 2021 or if you liked it so much you want to repeat it. Some tasks are quick and easy to check off the list while others require more thought and effort; feel free to reach out to Your ALTIUS Team at any point for assistance. We will still help you through it because we want to foster your financial success!