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2022 ALTIUS Terminology Tuesdays

We hope you enjoyed last year’s 53 Week Challenge, this year we invite you to follow along on our social media platforms for new finance terminology and phrases every week on Tuesdays. Find us on Facebook and Instagram to follow along!

Every Tuesday this year we are selecting a finance term or phrase to define, and post on our social media platforms. We want to help our clients and others have clarity around different terms so they can better understand their investment portfolio and overall financial plan. Below is a list of terms we've already shared this year:

  1. Delayed Gratification
  2. Finance
  3. RIA
  4. Modern Monetary Theory
  5. Inflation
  6. CFP
  7. Stock
  8. Bond
  9. Mutual Fund
  10. ETF
  11. Annuity
  12. IRA
  13. ROTH
  14. Bull Market
  15. Bear Market
  16. Net Worth
  17. Active Investing
  18. Passive Investing
  19. Retirement
  20. Currency
  21. Ordinary Income
  22. Capital Gains
  23. Interest Rate
  24. Profit
  25. Loss
  26. Recession
  27. Revenue
  28. Debt
  29. Collateral
  30. Mortgage
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