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ALTIUS is a focused team of experts who take a personalized approach to each client.
Our financial planning philosophy is comprehensive, long-term, and time-tested.
At ALTIUS, you know, trust, and can relate to the team who is managing your money.

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Our Podcast: Capitalize Your Fridays

Our Podcast: Capitalize Your Fridays

We love engaging with our clients about finance and market outlooks. Below, you can find our bi-weekly podcast where we discuss these topics to increase financial education.

Latest episode: Travel Credit Card Tips & Tricks

Thanks for attending our HSA Workshop!

Thanks for attending our HSA Workshop!

ALTIUS wants to thank those who attended our recent workshop! Mike covered recent economic and geopolitical developments and updates to ALTIUS’ strategy. Our guest speaker, Gerry Hollis (Lively HSA), presented on how to better utilize your Health Savings Account (HSA).

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